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Parent Testimonials

“They were so incredibly patient and kind. I’m am over the moon grateful with the improvements, and the entire Reaching for the Sky team! I’m one happy mommy!!🙏🏼"
“The ladies at Reaching for the Sky ABA provided support in a caring and non-judgmental way. They listened to our needs and even helped my grandson in home and school! Now he can tell me what he wants and continues to get better with calming himself down.
“This is not just about's about fostering growth, building confidence, and providing children with the tools they needed to thrive and succeed."
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”The staff at Reaching for the Sky ABA is not only highly experienced but also incredibly compassionate and their dedication to helping children reach their full potential is truly remarkable. It's heartwarming to witness the individualized attention and care that Rebecca and the team gives to each child tailored to their unique strengths and needs."
“Rebecca's guidance and support have encouraged us to continue working on these programs outside of therapy. As a result, we've seen significant improvements in her behavior, communication skills, leading to increased participation, improved socialization, and independence.”
“Under the supervision of our BCBA, Rebecca, our daughter experienced remarkable growth. Right from the start, we felt at ease with the way she engaged with our daughter and took the time to truly understand our wants, needs and goals for her therapy. She created goal-oriented programs, trained the dedicated RBTs, and consistently provided structured, skill-building therapy sessions.”
“So friendly! They truly go above and beyond, highly recommend!!”
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