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Reaching For The Sky ABA

ABA Therapy Services in Las Vegas

Our Offerings

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Center Services

Our center-based program offers a school like environment with designated drop off and pick up, 1:1 and group support, and daily schedule routines.

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School Support

School observations and collaboration with teachers conducted by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Parent Support

Our staff provides opportunities to support your child in the home and community.

Provider Collaboration

Working together with other services your child receives behavior support for other service providers

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Our Approach

Autism Therapy In Las Vegas 

We are a team of qualified, experienced, and caring professionals that serve children in need of behavioral intervention and skill acquisition support. We believe that it “takes a village” to support our children in their growth journey. By taking a collaborative, individualized, family-oriented approach with our services, our children can flourish.

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What We Provide

ABA Services in Las Vegas

Childs Pyschologist

Direct 1:1 Therapy

1:1 therapy is one child to one highly trained instructor. The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) provides learning opportunities to your child based on their individualized curriculum.

Speaking Practice

Language Acquisition

Our individualized program provides a systematic approach to language acquisition. This includes functional communication to ensure your child can advocate their wants and needs, labeling items, building conversational skills, and much much more!

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Play Skills

Our program assists with expanding interests to a wide range of toys, playing next to other children (parallel play), playing with other children (collaborative play, turn taking, sharing), imagination (imaginary play, pretend play) and integrating language into play.

ABA is a science of behavior and teaching. It is meant to be individualized to the learners needs and follow the pace of the learner. As practitioners, it is our responsibility to ensure our kids enjoy the process of learning and are supported when needed.

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Behavior Support

Our program assists with reducing behaviors that are dangerous (aggression, self injury, property destruction) or preventative to learning and social opportunities (sensory behaviors). Our approach involves teaching new behaviors to meet the needs of your child and replace the current problematic behaviors.

ABA therapy should happen all of the time and everywhere. Most importantly, it shouldn't look like therapy. It should be fun! In this video we explore how to teach pretend play skills and replacement language in the moment. This is referred to as "Incidental Teaching" or "Natural Environmental Teaching".

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Parent Support

Our program integrates caregivers into the process from setting goals to facilitating home based goals. Our BCBAs work with caregivers in the home and community settings to ensure your child’s skills transfer across setting and people.

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Social Skills

Our program assists in building a wide range of social skills from tolerance during play, advocacy with peers, generalizing conversation skills with friends, and learning a wide range of social cues.

Replacement behaviors are behaviors we teach that are more appropriate than the problematic behaviors we are observing. This can be an empowering experience for our kids as they learn how to better self advocate for their needs.

All Hands In

Collaboration Across Providers

Our BCBAs provide assistance in school (observations, meetings with teachers, IEP meetings). Additionally, BCBAs collaborate across professionals outside of school such as Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Feeding Therapy to ensure success in goal development and implementation.

Washing Hands

Toilet Training and Self-Care

Our center is equipped with toilet training seats and well trained staff to assist with toilet training. RBTs also integrate independence across a wide range of self-care routines needed for a school setting (washing hands, personal responsibility for school supplies, opening lunch packaging, cleaning up, and much more!

School Children

Group Learning/School Preparation

Our center offers opportunities to teach skills needed for a group setting in a group setting. Your child would be assigned to a group with peers at similar age groups and skill levels. Targeted skills include circle time, group based instruction, centers, independent work, peer collaborative projects, and much more!

What Our Parents Say

"Under the supervision of our BCBA, Rebecca, our daughter experienced remarkable growth. Right from the start, we felt at ease with the way she engaged with our daughter and took the time to truly understand our wants, needs and goals for her therapy. She created goal-oriented programs, trained the dedicated RBTs, and consistently provided structured, skill-building therapy sessions."

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